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Start Dialysis in Your Home Today!

  1. Fill out the contact us form located on the Contact Us page

  2. We will call you and schedule a time to introduce you to your team

  3. Water samples and environmental cultures are then collected by our Bio Medical staff

  4. A dialysis machine and small reverse osmosis water system will be set up by the medical technicians in a room of your choice.

  5. Treatment times and days will be set up for your convenience to fit your life style.

  6. Medications and supplies will be delivered and set up in your home during treatment days to protect your off days

  7. Bi month labs will be drawn directly from your home by your nurse and will be sent directly to our lab. You will receive copies of the results, and your dietitian will review the results with you. 

  8. Monthly Plan of Care Meetings are scheduled with your Nephrologist to confirm your dialysis needs are being met.

Admission Process
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